Your cranes booms are too heavy. It’s not your fault, the industry standard dictates that part of the strength of heavy lifting equipment comes from the weight of the machine — the heavier the machine the stronger. That’s no longer true.

At CIP, we fabricate high-strength low-alloy steel (HSLA) multi-bend booms and parts for Telescopic, Gantry, Port & Container and Industrial Overhead Cranes that are stronger than the industry standard, but are up to 25% lighter.

Despite being lighter weight steel, these equipment components will have:

  • Increased carrying capacity
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • No loss of strength

In addition, overall multi-bend crane boom production costs are nearly 20% lower than rectangular boom section production costs.

And the same goes for manufactured HSLA arms, chassis and platforms. Ready to learn more about improving your equipment’s strength while reducing weight? Let’s talk.

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Read our whitepaper on Multi-Bend Boom Sections compared to the traditional Rectangular Booms.